Installation of your Custom Concrete Landscape Borders

(When we provide your written estimate, we will show you a photo story book that describes the following steps. We also will be proud to show you photos of our recently completed jobs to help you decide on layouts and designs for your curbing.)

  1. The sod cutting and ground preparation is completed first making the landscape ready for curb installation. This is done using a sod-cutting machine to cut an approx. 12" wide strip of sod about 1-2 inches deep, and the crew using flat nose shovels to remove the grass, and then leveling the ground. Once the ground preparation is completed we are ready for installation. We do ask that you identify any telephone or cable lines running in the area to be curbed.
  2. The concrete is then mixed on a self-contained trailer, and if color is desired it is added to the exact measurement for the job. The mixture of concrete sand, Portland cement, and reinforced fibers is what creates our strong durable curb. Once the concrete is mixed it is wheeled to the site, fed into the curbing machine and extruded into a continuous border for your landscaped area. The crew will then finish out and beautify the curb depending on the type of curb you are installing, either using trowels or a stamping process to finish the installation. As an added precaution to ground movement, control joints are cut into the curb approximate every 12-18 inches to add flexibility to a very strong reinforced curb.
The installation of your curb is a 1-day process, and when the crew is completed your landscape will be as clean, or cleaner, than when they arrived.