Custom Concrete Landscape Borders by Quality Curb Inc.

Natural (Plain concrete curbing)
$7.00 per linear foot

Color Concrete Curbing
$8.00 per linear foot

Stamped Concrete Curbing
$9.00 per linear foot

Natural (Plain concrete) 4" X 6" $7.00 per linear foot

Natural (Plain Concrete) 6" X 6" $6.25 to $8.00 per linear foot

Price differentials shown above are primarily based on size of job, number of runs, length of runs and the number of breaks needed to enhance the layout of the curbing.

We are very competitively priced and will underbid any written estimate for landscape borders, residential or commercial, on the Northshore.

We have other patterns (molds) available and can supply good local references for other tasks.

All of our work is performed using fiberglass fibers for durability. Jobs requiring rebar will require us to scope the job and see what the specifications are before determining the final price per project

Call today for us to come out and give you a WRITTEN ESTIMATE!