Introducing "The Edge of Distinction"

A new Concept in Concrete Edging

Creating a clean and beautiful environment around your home or business is important. The way you and your guests feel about your surroundings is influenced largely by landscaping.

Quality Curb, Inc. offers an innovative approach to landscape borders that brings a higher level of detail and beauty to your landscape design. Clean and creative lines are important to the overall layout of your landscaping. Quality Curb, Inc.'s concrete borders are the most durable, cost-effective, and attractive borders you can find. Our borders mold and bend to the unique shapes that best suit your landscaping ideas. No border can give such a clean and professional look. Concrete curbing is more durable than brick and comes in many different styles, colors, and textures.

Quality Curb, Inc. is an extruded curb company. We have been installing concrete curbs for landscaping and parking lots since 1998.

The process of our extruded concrete curbing is done either by an electric or gas driven machine. The curbing mix is compacted through the use of a machine with a mechanically driven ram into a slip-form for extrusion into final structural design of the curbing border. Our unique process allows installation to be fast, clean and less expensive than traditional methods

Quality Curb, Inc. is happy to give you a limited One-Year Warranty against settlement cracks. We hope that you will like your new look, and thank you for choosing Quality Curb, Inc.


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